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Travelling with E-Liquids UK 2020

Taking an e-cigarette on a plane
The regulations around vaping gear in airports and on planes is an ever changing beast. The rules vary from airline to airline, and from airport to airport. The below points represent the most common vaping restrictions you’ll come across.

10ml bottles of vape juice, or e-cigarette refills, are fine in your hand luggage – just treat them as you would any other liquid and put them in the clear plastic bag when going through security. Larger shortfill e-liquids should go into your checked baggage.

Vape mods & batteries
Vape mods and batteries must be carried in your hand luggage – NOT in the hold. They must be charged and, preferably, disconnected from tanks and clearomisers. You are prohibited from charging your vape device on board an aircraft. All liquids must be presented at search in a re-seable transparent bag.

Tanks, Clearomisers & Rebuilables
Separate them from your mod or battery before going through security. If the tank contains any e-liquid, remember to declare it in the same plastic bag as your other liquids to avoid delays with the guards.

Vape tanks and cabin pressure don’t mix very well. Before getting on the plane, empty any remaining vape juice out of the tank to avoid annoying leakages.

If you want to dodge some tough questions at security and/or customs, it might be worth avoiding taking your coil wire, pliers, and multimeter in your hand luggage!

Travelling with E-Liquids UK 2020

For more information check out these websites:

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A Journey to SmokeFree

How to quit smoking?

There are MANY routes to stop smoking.  The important step is convincing yourself that you must begin the journey.  One method to becoming SmokeFree is through vaping.  Vaping has proved highly effective for many smokers to quitting the habit. 

A proven route is starting with a high nicotine strength tobacco eliquid to initially transition from cigarettes to vaping.  The high nicotine strength makes a cigarette seem less satisfying and the tobacco flavour will feel more familiar.  As you start to vape more then smoke, gradually reduce the nicotine strength.  This is you weaning yourself off smoking and nicotine.  Eventually, when the pull towards to smoking is waning, you can consider more refreshing and tasty eliquid flavours towards becoming SmokeFree completely.

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Disposable Vape Salt Pod

Disposable Vape Salt Pod – Great for helping to stop smoking!

A disposable vape pod you can rely on. sleek and stylish design means it goes where you go. Ready to Vape straight out of the package!

Flavours. Mixed Fruit, Menthol & Tobacco

  • 3 Flavours
  • 300 Puffs Per Vape Pod.
  • Equivalent of 30 Cigarettes.
  • PG50 VG50
  • Nicotine Salt e-liquids
  • 15mg Nicotine Strength

Nicotine Salt e-liquid can be more effective for smokers who require an instant nicotine hit. With 15mg nicotine salt, experience the smooth throat hit.

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Comparing Vape Bottles

LDPE, HDPE and PET plastic bottles

Most commercial e-liquids in the UK are sold in PET bottles to allow consumers to see the liquid inside while being contained in a very durable container.

DIY Vapers can choose any bottles types to suit their wishes.  LDPE is very popular as it can be squeezed to help liquid flow faster from the bottle.

• PET bottles are clear but not squishy

• LDPE bottles are squishy but not clear

• HDPE bottles are less squishy than LDPE and not as clear as PET

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