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Europe e-liquid Manufacturer Co-Packer

Europe e-liquid Manufacturer Co-Packer

Why use us for co-packing?

Mantle Europe e-liquid manufacturer co-packer: We are a Scottish based e-liquid manufacturer and co-packer that you can rely on for all of your bottle filling needs. You can trust that we will do what we say, and in the same fashion, we will do and what you ask us to do. The vape business in the UK is notorious for getting ripped off, not only by small unknown firms but likewise by some better known ‘large’ e-liquid brands. Additionally, many of these companies use their co-packing services as a way to keep new and foreign vape brands out of the local market. We don’t do that. Our co-packing service is our primary business. We strive not only to delight our customers but also to help them grow.

Our customers are our best ambassadors. Every client we have has agreed to share their experience with potential new clients. These are clients you will have heard of and respect. We don’t hide any costs. We have not raised our prices in over three years. Furthermore, and in most cases, our prices are falling as we get better through our six sigma black belt led continuous improvement program!

Scotland has a long tradition of bringing the highest quality products to the world through striving for perfection as well as dedication, and integrity. We are proud of our Scottish base, history, and of course our highly qualified workforce.

UK and Europe Co-Packing

Our core business is mixing and filling vape products for our clients. To do this, we use and ensure the following:

  • Automated as well as semi-automated bottle filling, capping and labelling lines
  • ISO certified cleanrooms for mixing and filling
  • Epoxy flooring for the entire production and warehouse flooring
  • Zero paper and cardboard packaging allowed in the cleanrooms
  • Full cleanroom attire required for all operators mixing and filling
  • Quality Management System in place to ensure the highest quality products and service
  • Industry-leading good manufacturing practice procedures in place and regularly audited

International Europe Order Fulfilment

Mantle Europe e-liquid manufacturer co-packer that provides secure storage as well as flexible solutions to meet your needs. This can include, but not limited to:

  • Full pallet shipment to distributors.
  • Multi-SKU boxes picked and shipped to individual shops.
  • Website driven online consumer order.
  • Standard and expedited lead-times to Europe customized to our client requirements.
  • Utilizing co-packing and order fulfillment together offers the most effective supply-chain, due to less handling. However, either service is also available as an independent solution.
  • Led by an experienced Supply Chain expert who can streamline your logistics flows to the UK, Europe and International destinations.
  • ShipStation connection between client e-commerce solutions direct to our courier partner accounts (UPS, Royal Mail, DHL, DPD and more)

Secure facility and data

Our bottle filling facility and warehouse are fully secured with 24hr CCTV in addition to our own gated compound with multi-level security systems in place. Our data protection solutions are compliant with UK and EU requirements. Your data confidentiality is especially important to us. We have agreements in place with all of our clients that suit their individual needs. This ensures only named persons are allowed access to recipes and mixing techniques.

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

The bones of our operating procedures are based on the minimum standard Good Manufacturing Practice within the pharmaceutical sector. This means products must:

  • Be of consistent high quality.
  • Produced according to ISO 9001:2015 standard
  • Be appropriate to their intended use.
  • Meet the requirements of the marketing authorisation (MA) or product specification. For example, the MHRA in the UK.

Our GMP covers all aspects of production from the starting materials, premises, and equipment through to the individual training and personal hygiene of staff. Detailed written procedures exist for each process that could affect the quality of the finished product. There are systems to provide documented proof that correct procedures are consistently followed at each step in the manufacturing process, each and every time a product is made!

ISO Certified Cleanroom Standards

Cleanrooms are classified according to the cleanliness level of the air inside them. The cleanroom class is the level of cleanliness the room complies with, according to the quantity and size of particles per volume of air. The primary authority in the US, Canada and Europe is the ISO classification system ISO 14644-1. This standard includes the cleanroom classes ISO 1, ISO 2, ISO 3, ISO 4, ISO 5, ISO 6, ISO 7, ISO 8 and ISO 9, with ISO 1 being the “cleanest” and ISO 9 the “dirtiest” class (but still cleaner than regular rooms). The most common are ISO 7 and ISO 8. Mantle Europe e-liquid Manufacturer Co-Packer cleanrooms are certified to ISO 7 for bottle filling.

The basis of cleanroom standards is the micrometre, or micron for short (µm), which is the size of the particles to be filtered. Cleanrooms are classified by how clean the air is. This is based on the quantity and size of particles per volume of air. The cleanroom classification table below shows the maximum concentration limits (particles/m3 of air) for particles equal to or larger than the considered sizes shown.

Cleanroom ISO levels
ISO ClassAverage number of air changes per hour
ISO 5240–360 air changes per hour (unidirectional airflow)
ISO 690–180 air changes per hour
ISO 730–60 air changes per hour
ISO 810–25 air changes per hour
Conventional building24 air changes per hour

Tracking and Traceability

Our Good Manufacturing Practices and Quality Management Systems that are in place mean that all liquids are tracked and traced. We do this by assigning batch codes to the materials as soon as they arrive from suppliers and linking additional batch codes when we change that material. The last batch code to be assigned is when the material is transformed into a finished product that is ready to be fulfilled as an order. All batch codes are unique and also have a date assigned to them.

All the batch codes of finished product within an order fulfilment shipment are linked to ensure we can trace where all batch codes went. This allows us to take the appropriate actions should a call back be issued by our clients or local regulatory body.

Retail website sales access

We are committed to helping our clients grow, as in turn, we hope it helps us grow too! Our growing online retail presence provides a sales channel for our clients. We also offer extremely competitive and flexible terms to our clients who wish us to list their products on our online retail shop.

Mantle Europe e-liquid manufacturer co-packer supports access to new sales channels whenever possible.

Client Focus

At Mantle Europe, we specialize in supporting our clients from the USA and Canada with Coast to Coast representatives.

We offer a bottle filling co-packing and order fulfillment solution that keeps you in complete control of your supply chain. In addition, we have a robust Quality Management System in place to ensure consistent operations, results, as well as continuous improvement.

We maintain close collaboration with a successful TPD and PMTA registration company that supports our clients in the preparation of their new product introductions. Furthermore, we have flexible support solutions to assist our customers to mature their base in Europe. This includes helping to setup up a UK legal and administrative presence.

If you would like further information, please feel free to contact us.