All 50ml Shortfills

Mantle Europe provide eliquid shortfills from Innevape USA, and Mt Baker Vapor.

A shortfill is a nicotine free quantity of eliquid. The most popular, or standard size, of short fill bottle is 60ml bottle containing 50ml of flavoured eliquid. They are named ‘shortfills’ as they are not completely full. Space is left in the bottle so that nicotine can be added to suit the nicotine strength required.

Nicotine is supplied via a nicotine shot (popularly known as a nic shot). The most popular size, or standard size, and strength of a nic shot is 18mg supplied in a 10ml format.

So if you add one 10ml (18mg) nic shot to a 50ml shortfill the result is 60ml volume. The nicotine strength is 3mg.  Once the nic shot has been added to the shortfill is needs to be vigorously shaken for a period of time. A video explaining mixing can be found here.

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Showing 1–12 of 47 results